PGP itself does not make your smart phone secure. If somebody manages to break into your device they can steal your secret key and read messages encrypted to you. It might be a good idea to have two or more sets of keys and store only one of them on your phone. This depends on your adversaries capabilities.
This workshops intention is to make PGP usage more comfortable and increase the number of encrypted emails deivered over the Internet.
You can mark the keys generated on your phone in the name field. For example: John Doe (mobile) <john@doe.org>

Making your Android device secur eis outside the scope of this workshop. But I can give you some tips onhow to do it.

This page (From Kanitscheider): https://hedonist-international.org/pgp/

This page (From everywhere else): http://pgp.diskordia.com/


k-9 Mail (Play Store version)

OpenKeychain (Play Store version)

Instructions to setup k-9 mail (skip)

Search for k-9 in the play store

Hit the install button

Accept permissions

Open k-9 mail

Seelect Next to start configuration

Enter email address and password ... and press Next

... and press Next

If in doubt select IMAP

Enter imap credentials here. Double check userneame

Let k9 mail check the credentials and ...

Select edit details if an error occurs (Also check your network connection if a connection error occurs)

Accept certificates you think are correct despite the warning

Setup outgoing Server (SMTP)

Look at you incoming email. Try sending an email to yourself to double check you can send email

Instructions to setup OpenKeychain (skip)

Search for openkeychain in the play store

Install OpenKeychain

Open OpenKeychain

Select: Create My Key

Enter a name to crecognize the key later. Can be your real name.

Enter the email address you will be using with this key.

You can add additional email adresses.

Choose a passphrase. This passphrase is needed to sign and decrypt messages.

Synchronize your key if you want people to find. Very much recommended. The press Create key button.

Your new key should show up in this list

Use OpenKeychain with k-9 mail

In k9 open bottom menu with the three dots on the bottom right. Select Settings then select Account Settings

Select Cryptography

Select OpenPGP App

Select OpenKeychain

Allow access to OpenKeychain

Select My Key to configure a default key

Select the key you want to use

A key has been selected

If you want to make sure a new email is not send unencrypted.
Select the lock in the top rihgt corner and then select the third option: encrypt.
Otherwise an unencrypted email might be send if you do not have the public key.

Check whether an email was encrypted by clicking the lock symbol in the top right corner